GPCF Announces Board Bank Opportunity

The Greater Poweshiek Community Foundation is creating a Poweshiek County Nonprofit Board Bank. This resource will catalogue individuals who may be interested in serving as Board members of local nonprofits. As board positions become available, organizations may use the Board Bank to find suitable applicants. The Bank is intended to increase the leadership diversity of local nonprofits and connect community members to causes they care about.

Applicants will submit information about their experiences, interests, and relevant skills. GPCF’s nonprofit partners will have access to this information and can contact prospective board members as positions become available.

For individuals interested in volunteering, serving on a board of directors is an opportunity to connect personal goals and interests to nonprofit organizations, making an impact on our community’s most pressing needs. Serving as a board member not only offers the opportunity to use one’s talents effectively but also provides an environment for professional development, building leadership skills, and personal and professional networking.

Interested parties may find a copy of the Board Bank application either online, or by calling the Foundation Offices at (641) 236-5518. Applications may also be available at the Grinnell Chamber of Commerce.

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